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Welcome To Rohobot Home Based Health Care Service

Rohobot Home based health Care service established on January 2017 to provide home based health care service for chronic ill and aged people with affordable price. In addition to that we are creating a job opportunity for fresh graduate student of privet medical colleges.


To create a suitable environment for chronic and elder people in Ethiopia as well as Africa.


We bring quality home based health care service to homes with our professional compassionate team members,
we help chronically ill and elderly people attain their highest level of independence by providing the right care and
support to them and their families. We improve people’s lives.

Who We Are

Who We Are

Rohobot Home Based Health Care Service was established on January 2017 to provide the highest standards ofhome based health care service for chronic ill and elderly people who are living in their homes and require extra help and support with affordable price.

To provide the highest quality home based health care services, we hired professionals who have well experience in home based care service. We are also creating a job opportunity for fresh graduate students of private medical colleges.

What We Do

What We Do

We are providing the highest standards of home based health care service. The major services provided by our organization are listed below:
  • Administering medication as per the physicians instruction
  • Performing personal care including bathing, grooming, skin care, oral
  • Monitoring vital sign
  • Prevent bed sore and wound care
  • Educated about nutrition
  • Conduct training on home based health care service
  • Collect blood sample
  • Terminal careand other related nursing care service

Our Objectives

Reduce Hospital Acquired Infections

Hospital Acquired infections (HAIs) is a major safety concern for both the patients and the care provider. Therefore by providing access to isolation form surroundings that results for further contamination we can reduce the raise of Hospital Acquired infections (HAIs) and increase patient safety.

Enhance Employment Opportunity

With an alarmingly increasing unemployment rate of health professionals, we are able to create a job opportunity for fresh graduates for the last 3 years.

Reduce Hospital & Family Burden

Enabling hospitals to increase their receiving capacity, by accepting their clients for palliative care we can decrease hospital burden and thereof decrease family burden.

Motivate Volunteerism

Our door is always open for the works of volunteerism. In-terms of community work participations, operational work contributions and medical expertise involvements.

Enhance Public Awareness on Home Based Healthcare Service

Since the concept of home based healthcare service is a very new phenomenon to Ethiopia, Rohobot is working to boost the awareness of the community by using different platforms like broadcast media, print media, internet and the like.


Our organization has contributed its own social responsibility and create social impact. Some of the social impacts brought by our organization are:

Created job opportunity
for 70 healthcare
more than 10,000 Provided
quality home based health
care service
80% of our staff
is women


Our organization has achieved a lot since its establishment. One of the major
achievement is related to the quality of home based services provided to our clients.
In addition to this our organization has achieved the following but not limited to this:
  • Certifed by FMHCACO- Food medicine and health care administration
    and control office.
  • Conduct mini research to assess the demand
  • Develop training manual
  • Conduct two round training on standard operation of home based health
    care services.
  • Provide more than 10,000 services until now
  • Established partnership with respective partners


  • The chronic ill and elderly people are always at the forefront as we are uniquely PERSON DRIVEN.
  • Our team members always show COMPASSION, EMPATHY and RESPECT to
    each other, the chronic ill and aged people, and their families.
  • We believe that clinical care supported with INNOVATIVE technology will
    improve decision making, guide appropriate care and result in optimal
  • We work in COLLABORATION with our team members, the chronic ill and
    aged people and their families so the chronic ill and aged peoplewill be
    empowered and receive the right care at the right time and in the right
  • Our team members conduct themselves with INTEGRITY and HONESTY every
  • Our commitment to EXCELLENCE results in our team members going above
    and beyond for the chronic ill and aged people we serve and their families.


Nebiyat Demeke Fiseha

Nebiyat Demeke Fiseha

My Name is Nebiyat Demeke Fiseha, I am a Co-founder and General Manager of Rohobot Home-based Healthcare Services plc. I have a medical and sociology background and having more than 15 certificates related to my education and I participated in different national and international workshops. I have more than 9 years of working experience on community based activities at World Learning Inc. on different positions.

Yeabtsega Demeke

Yeabtsega Demeke

My Name is Yeabtsega Demeke, I am a Co-founder and Public Relation and Communication Officer, I have finalized my BA degree in Addis Ababa science and technology university in Civil Engineering have been working in Rohobot home based health care service as a public relation and communication officer for the past 1 and half year.


Ferdaweke Mammo

Ferdaweke Mammo
General Surgeon

Girum Getachew

Girum Getachew
Bsc.in Computer science
from Addis Ababa University

Andargachew Deneke Demssie

Andargachew Deneke Demssie
General Surgeon Lecturer of
Ethiopian Sign Language and
Deaf Culture Studies
at Addis Ababa University

Wakgari Adu

Wakgari Adu

Mikiyas Paulos

Mikiyas Paulos
Mikiyas Paulos.

BA in Accounting
MBA, specialisize in Operation Management

5 year and half

About Rohobot Nursing

We are a nurse owned company established legally in January 2017 to provide quality home based healthcare service. We hire highly trained and dedicated caregivers to provide comprehensive services that range from personal, companionship and non-medical services.